We did not attend the session in St. Charles the past week when the four Republican candidates for governor discussed state issues. However, in reading the Associated Press report of the meeting, nothing was said about a crisis in Missouri — transportation funding.

Are the Republican candidates avoiding the issue of what to do about funding for highways and bridges in Missouri and other transportation needs? The Republican candidates are Catherine Hanaway, Eric Greitens, John Blunner and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.

Chris Koster, who is expected to be the Democratic candidate for governor, also apparently has not made transportation funding part of his goals if elected.

Are all of the candidates for governor avoiding the transportation funding issue?

To generate more revenue for transportation, it is going to take some kind of a tax increase. State politicians dodge any talk of toll roads or bridges. They won’t give a serious look at private funding for roads and bridges with tolls to pay for the improvements.

Missouri politicians don’t want to talk about a tax for transportation because of fear it might harm their re-election prospects, or when they run for another office.

Candidates for governor, if elected, what would you do about transportation funding? Voters deserve to know!