Democrats, like their candidates, vary in their beliefs about the issues of the day and in proposing solutions. It’s a tough time to be a Democrat. It’s tough trying to decide which candidate to favor in the presidential primary election in 2020 for Democrats.

The television marathon last week that again showcased 10 of the Democratic candidates for president did show that they were united to oust President Trump, but widely divided on other issues.

What does the Democratic Party stand for today other than to try to rid the nation of President Trump? What direction is the Democratic Party headed? Socialism? Is it extreme “leftville?”

Democrats of old don’t recognize the party today. It is badly divided. Joe Biden is the most closely aligned with the Democrats of old. That’s why he is leading in most polls about the Democratic candidates.

There are many, many mainline traditional Dem­ocrats who fear the radical direction the party seems to be taking. They don’t recognize the radicals in the party as being healthy for the country and most don’t want to be associated with them by voting for them.

What are the party’s values today? Is it extremism to gain the White House?

AP writer Steve Peoples wrote that nine months into the first year of the 2020 campaign season, Democrats are no closer to resolving the big questions dividing their party by race, generation and ideology than they were on the day of Trump’s inauguration. Time is running out on Democrats to answer questions about their identity crisis and their values.

Can they win back the working class that turned to Trump and still are with him?

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate who everybody knows flies the socialistic banner, said there ar“diverse messages coming from diverse candidates.” Yes, that’s true but how many Democrats agree with those messages? Many Democrats have left the party. Some departed years ago over issues such as abortion.

Some young voters, influenced by radical left wing college professors, have added to the Democrats’ radical element. They ignore the teachings of history about the failure in countries that went the socialistic route.

Many people are sick of the racism tag that is planted loosely on people by Democratic candidates and others in the party. Yes, there is racism in this country and elsewhere. It will never be eliminated completely, but to smear people by calling them a racist when they aren’t is one of the evils comfronting Americans today.

Political parties have been divided in the past by major issues, but this has to be among the worst times for Democrats. We can’t see any “kissing and resolving differences” among Democrats today as they head into 2020.

One thing we noticed in last week’s televised “debate,” there are candidates in the Democratic Party who really don’t like each other. We don’t see any movement at this time for a united Democratic Party.