In spite of the impeachment hearing which has inundated Congress and the media, and with all the other negatives about President Donald Trump, the commander in chief remains popular with many, many Americans.

If nothing else, it is an indication of the mood of the people, especially with segments of the population that agree the president has had some positive accomplishments even though at times he is off-base on some subjects, tends to exaggerate and is faulty as to the truth. He has bully tendencies and has not recognized that you can’t cut a diplomatic deal as is possible in business.

Even many veterans agree with him about endless wars and what they are doing to our country. Pevious administrations thought it was possible to bring democracy to all countries but ignored their cultures that make that task very difficult if not totally unrealistic.

Many foreign nations think he is a loose cannon and he isn’t trusted. Some countries fear him because of his inconsistent behavior. They don’t like his tough stance on other countries paying a fair share in world obligations to keep the peace. The president believes other countries have been freeloading off the United States.

Many Americans believe the president is good overall for the economy but there are segments that suffer from his trade politics. It’s a mixed bag on immigration. Many Americans agree with his position on gun control. They still like his America First stance.

If an election were held tomorrow, President Trump probably would be re-elected since none of the Democrats who still are running seem to have the lift-off appeal with voters.

What about impeachment? The view here is that many Americans aren’t convinced what he did was an impeachable offense, and look upon impeachment as a political foray.