The U.S. Senate has confirmed Gina Haspel to head the CIA. She is qualified because of her many years of experience with the intelligence agency — 33 years.

She worked her way up in the agency and held many responsible positions of leadership. She is the first woman to head the CIA. Since 2017, Haspel has been deputy director and of late has been acting director of the agency. She is 61 years old.

Sen. Roy Blunt, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was a supporter of Haspel, saying she is “exactly the right choice to lead the CIA” because of her experience.

There was opposition to her, especially by Democrats, chiefly based on what some officials called torture of prisoners when she was in charge of a secret detention center where at least one inmate was subjected to waterboarding. She has said she is against waterboarding now, and “with the benefit of hindsight” she believes the U.S. should set an example in methods of interrogation of prisoners.

Many people do not associate women to the world of spying. Women have been active in the spyworld for a long time. There are many examples of women being active in spying in World War II. They gathered much intelligence that aided the Allies and helped to defeat the Axis Forces.

Sen. Blunt, in a statement issued after her confirmation, said, “She is the most prepared person to have ever been nominated to the post, demonstrating the highest levels of leadership and professionalism throughout her 33-year career. The widespread support she has within the agency and amongst top national security leaders speaks to her integrity and ability.”

We agree with Sen. Blunt. She is a true professional in the spyworld and she should do a good job. We wish her well and continued “good spying.”

The vote to confirm Haspel was 54-45. Sen. Claire McCaskill voted against confirmation.