A federal judge has upheld the University of Missouri’s ban on carrying concealed guns on campus. It was a commonsense ruling.

Judge Jeff Harris rejected the Missouri attorney general’s arguments that the ban violates the state constitution. The judge said the ban supports the university’s goal in promoting safety on the campus. The ruling has wide significance since it is a judicial precedent in upholding similar bans on schools’ properties.

The Columbia Tribune reported the case began in 2015 when a professor of law on the Columbia campus sued because he wanted to keep a firearm in his locked vehicle.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office declined to comment on the ruling and has not decided whether to appeal.

The university said in a statement that the ruling serves the best interests of students, staff, faculty and others on campus.

Considering the large number of mass shootings on school campuses in the United States, the ban is justified and we believe most people support the judge’s ruling.