One’s health condition can be a signal to retire. Such is the case with Presiding Commissioner of Franklin County John Griesheimer, who announced that he will retire July 6 due to his health.

His term is up at the end of the year and he is not running for re-election. It will be up to the governor to appoint a replacement.

With two knee replacements and with his physical abilities “going down hill,” as he put it, and with falls becoming frequent, he decided it’s time to retire.

He did say he might change his mind about the July 6 retirement date.

There already is speculation about a possible replacement. Griesheimer is a Republican. The governor is a Republican. Tim Brinker, first district commissioner, is a candidate for presiding commissioner on the Republican ticket.

We generally have agreed with Griesheimer on most issues. He has a public office record that spans municipal, county and state governments in his 36-year career. He always has been forthright, conscientious and honest. He tries to do what is in the best interests of the majority of the people he represents.