It has been known in political circles for some time that Gov. Eric Greitens’ focus is on the White House and being governor of Missouri is just a stepping stone.

There is nothing wrong in having White House ambitions, but the office he was elected to should be his first concern. He has been traveling to Washington, D.C., and to other states in an effort to make friends, get to know donors, and to help Republicans who are running for political offices.

Missouri Democrats are watching his actions very closely. In a press release the past week, state Democrats pointed to another example of “Gov. Greitens caring more about out-of-state politicians and wealthy campaign donors than working Americans.” The release went on to say Gov. Greitens recently focused his attention on shooting a television ad for an Illinois politician who gave $100,000 to his campaign last year. The ad was for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

In an editorial in the Kansas City Star, Gov. Greitens was criticized for the same thing — focusing on the White House rather than on Missouri. The Star related how Gov. Greitens traveled to Iowa to meet with party leaders and he spoke on behalf of GOP candidates. He’s doing a lot of favors for party officials in other states in order to make friends in the hope of gaining their support, and money, for his presidential run.

The Missouri governor doesn’t deny he’s interested in being elected president. Eight years ago, according to the Star, he registered “Eric” as an Internet address.

“He’s traveling the country and the world ostensibly to promote the state. He’s raising money. A shadowy nonprofit is working to promote his interest,” the Star editorial said. “So Greitens’ ambitions aren’t a surprise. They will become worrisome, though, if they distract him from the job he’s paid to do, or if they begin to distort his policy decisions in Missouri,” the editorial added.

For political observers in the state, Gov. Greitens’ actions are no surprise since he assumed office earlier this year. No major reforms which he promised have occurred. We are willing to give him time but he must set his White House ambitions aside and concentrate on Missouri. So far he hasn’t earned much trust.