Yes, it is true that there is much local news that falls into the bad and negative “going ons” in this area. But there’s much good news also. We tend to remember the bad because of its nature and once it was unusual in this area. Sad to say, the bad is not that unusual anymore.

In the Weekend Missourian of July 6-7 there was a feature story about Camp Quality near St. Clair. It is an annual camp for children ages 4 to 17 years who have been diagnosed with cancer. The campgrounds are owned by Community Church of Christ, Gateway USA Mission Center, St. Louis.

The unusual feature of this camp is that it’s operated 100 percent by volunteers. Because of this, there is no charge for the children who attend the camp. Brothers and sisters of those attendees who have been diagnosed with cancer also may attend.

It was emphasized that the volunteers get as much satisfaction and joy out of the camp as the children. Many of the volunteers use their vacation time to work at the camp. The volunteers include the cooks who prepare three meals a day.

The story by Karen Cernich was very refreshing. There are countless examples of positive activities going on, and The Missourian reports on them on a regular basis. The good really outweighs the bad!