The Franklin County Area United Way — the united way of giving to agencies that help people — is a success story in this county. We are fortunate to have the volunteers who are the fuel that drives the United Way engine and supports the leadership in the annual drive.

And we are fortunate to have the donors whose generosity propels the campaign to successland every year.

The United Way is an organization that brings people together in a common cause to support 53 member agencies that enter the lives of thousands of people in the county.

This year the goal of $1,111,111 was topped with $1,229,878 raised in a well-organized campaign that has earned the trust of donors in the county. The donors realize the good accomplished by the member agencies.

Last week the annual victory celebration was held and it is impressive to witness the large number of companies and donors that were recognized. The volunteer leaders and workers also were honored with thank-you plaques and certificates. Especially noted were the top companies that were recognized. Without the cooperation of these companies with their in-house campaigns, the drive could not meet the goal each year.

If we didn’t have the United Way we would be faced with one campaign after another yearlong. One of the purposes of starting the united way of giving was to eliminate the many fundraising campaigns by charitable and other groups that created a drain on leaders and volunteers. That was the purpose back in the 1950s when the united way of giving was started under the sponsorship of Planned Progress.

This is the season of giving and the timing of the conclusion of the campaign tied into the spirit of giving that prevails at this time.

What can be said except a task “well done” and a salute to the donors and countless volunteers who had a role in another successful campaign!