Missouri has joined other states that are taking measures to ensure that everybody is counted in the 2020 federal census.

Gov. Mike Parson plans to name a committee that will be charged with making sure every Missourian is counted in the 2020 federal census.

The committee will create a higher level of awareness of the census and coordinate community outreach efforts in hard-to-count sections.

Why the extra effort in the census? The census is important because the numbers are used to determine Missouri’s congressional representation and in allocating funding for some programs.

The census figures also are useful to entities, such as school districts, cities, counties and businesses in their planning work.

The Missouri committee could have up to 31 members who will be named by the governor. He didn’t say when he will name the committee members.

A budget for the committee was not mentioned in the executive order. Apparently, the committee members will be volunteers.

The plan sounds good. It’s worth a try.