There is a personal finance website called WalletHub that is a rating source of states and municipalities in multiple areas of life. Its rating of entities on countless subjects is mind-boggling because so many topics are covered over a relatively short period of time. The Missourian receives two or three a week.

To come up with so many subjects to rate cities and states is remarkable.

As to the accuracy of the ratings, we aren’t a good judge because we simply do not know the methodology, including the sources.

St. Louis is rarely listed in any of the ratings. The same is true of Missouri. We’re not the worst or best. Does that mean we are average, and somewhere in the middle?

This past week WalletHub emailed one of its latest surveys. The subject was the most diverse cities in America and the least diverse. St. Louis didn’t make the most or the least diverse. As usual, 10 of the most diverse and 10 least diverse cities were listed. Rated first as the most diverse was Houston, Texas. The 10 least diverse was topped by Morgantown, West Virginia. No Missouri city was listed. College, Alaska, was said to have the highest income diversity, 2.15 times higher than Youngstown, Ohio. Thornton, Colorado, has the highest industry diversity, 2.7 times higher than Ann Arbor, Michigan, the city with the lowest.

How about this subject: states the most dependent on the gun industry and the least dependent? Again Missouri didn’t make either listing. Most dependent is Idaho, followed by Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Arkansas to list five of the 10. Least dependent is Virginia, ahead of Maryland, California, Hawaii and Connecticut, to name the top five. Alaska has the highest gun ownership rate, 61.7 percent, while Delaware has the lowest at 5.2 percent.

If you are thinking of moving, this is for you. States with lowest tax rates, in order, are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Tennessee. The highest tax rates will be found in Iowa, Ohio, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, Pennslyvania, Connecticut and Illinois.

The top cities with the most aggressive drivers, according to WalletHub, are Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando, Detroit, Austin, and Los Vegas. No cities were listed as the least aggressive.

Here’s one for the ladies. Best states for women: Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Dakota, District of Columbia, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Colorado, Hawaii and Vermont. Worse states for women: Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana.

There’s more but that’s enough for one reading. As we said, we can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of the listings. Like most readers, there’s no 100 percent agreement by Editor’s Notebook on all the listings.