Even before the FBI was ordered to make a seventh background investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it was clear that the agency was in a no-win political situation.

With the investigation completed, and the report in the hands of U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee members, the anti-Kavanaugh senators, mainly Democrats, were critical of it.

Most Republican senators were saying there is no corroborating information in the allegations made against Kavanaugh, and they are satisfied with the report.

The FBI is looked at by many Americans as being “political” and blame it on the former director, James Comey, who was fired by President Donald Trump.

The way Democratic Party senators handled the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings has added to the division of people in the United States. It may be that the actions of the Democratic senators have done more harm to the party than anything else. We hear people saying there should be term limits for senators. That sentiment is growing.

The Senate Judiciary Committee also gave the entire Senate a black eye. The lack of trust among members was evident. The present partisanship on display is damaging to what once was considered an august body that was highly respected.