People are saying that the cover photo on the latest issue of Time magazine (July 2) is an example of fake journalism. It shows a 2-year-old Honduran girl crying at our southern border as her mother, an illegal immigrant, was being patted down by a border patrol officer while President Donald Trump stood tall looking down on the little girl. This wording accompanied the photo: “Welcome to America.”

It later was learned that the girl was not separated from her mother.

On Page 4 of the Time magazine, here is what Time wrote: “Behind the Cover: The photo-illustration on this week’s cover is based on an image that quickly became a symbol of the human cost of the Trump Administration’s immigration-policy crackdown: John Moore’s photograph of a 2-year-old Honduran girl crying as a U.S. border patrol agent pats down her mother. ‘All I wanted to do was pick her up,’ the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, who has covered the border for many years, told Time. For more, visit”

The picture of President Trump was superimposed on the photo with the girl for effect. That was not explained by Time. It should have been.

In a sense, it was a fake photo, or “doctored” photo. Time’s explanation was inadequate and that’s what hurts journalism in general.

Computers make it easy to “doctor” photos. If a photo is doctored, readers should be told.

Is Time biased against Trump? It does seem to be!