Vince B. Borgerding was a volunteer par excellence. He was the epitome of a community volunteer, always ready to serve.

He died the past week at age 66. Memories of his volunteerism linger. He had many friends. He was highly visible in the Washington community, usually volunteering at some event.

He was active in many civic organizations, including the Lions Club, Elks Lodge, Buhr’s Club, Borgia High School Athletic Association, Downtown Washington Inc., Knights of Columbus in Dutzow and the Dutzow Community Club. He volunteered with the Khoury League. He also assisted the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce. He was active in sports groups.

He was recognized for his volunteerism by w which presented the Washingtonian Award to him in 2012. The award recognizes volunteerism. He also was selected to be the grand marshal in the Washington Fair parade one year. He received the Lions Club’s highest honor. He was involved in many community projects such as establishing the Farmers’ Market. He was an active volunteer with many Art Fairs and Winefests, Fall Festivals, and Washington School District bond issues. He was a volunteer auctioneer and emceed many events. He was known to be generous to charities.

His volunteer work started at age 12 when he volunteered at the Washington Fair.

He grew up in the Dutzow area and Washington was his adopted home.

The example he set in volunteerism made him stand tall in the Washington community.