When presidents of the United States can’t get what they want in legislation, they use executive orders to accomplish almost the same thing. Most presidents in recent years have used executive orders to move their agendas.

President Donald Trump is finding that he can accomplish much of his agenda through executive orders. One of the chief issues on his agenda has been to reform or replace the Affordable Care Act, commonly know as Obamacare. He has started to take it apart with executive orders.

An executive order issue Thursday “paves the way for a proliferation of less-expensive insurance plans with fewer benefits for those who buy their insurance individually, rather than getting it through an employer,” according to The Wall Street Journal. White House officials said more is on the table but no final decisions have been made.

What may be coming is curbing the consolidation of hospitals, doctors and insurers, which could drive up prices.

Some executive orders are in the best interests of Americans. Others may not be, as we learned during the Obama administration.

President Trump’s camp is at work with a goal to issue as many executive orders as possible to move his agenda. He’s no different than other presidents in this regard.