Early in 2020, the Franklin County Commission is expected to vote on proposed changes to the zoning code. If it approves the changes proposed, Franklin County residents can say goodbye to zoning and protection of their properties. The changes are that extreme!

If you live in a municipality with a sound zoning code, you have protection for your property values. If you live in the unincorporated area of Franklin County, and if the proposed changes are approved, protection of your property values will be in danger.

The proposed changes have been rejected by the planning and zoning commissioners even though their staff prepared the revisions. It probably is more correct to say the zoning commission office works more directly under the county commission.

Franklin County residents who have property in the unincorporated area haven’t been fully informed, or haven’t been paying attention, to what is being proposed. Residents in the Labadie area, and some other areas, have been alerted to what is going on because they have been paying attention. They are alarmed!

The main change proposed is to place most of the county in “W” zoning, that is, 90 percent of the county.

“W” zoning would allow 42 different land uses, from landfills to mobile homes, all types of agricultural uses, including CAFOs, confined animal feed operations, shooting ranges, medical cultivation facilities (indoor only), medical marijuana-infuse products manufacturing facilities, utility waste landfills and many other uses, including various types of commercial operations.

Residents of unincorporated Franklin County had better voice their concerns if they want to protect their property values.