A new height in the political correctness nonsense has raised its confused head at a college back east. At the College of the Holy Cross at Worcester, MA, officials are on a political correctness mission as to the name “Crusader,” which is the college’s symbol dating back to more than a century.

The concern is that the image of a Christian warrior might be offensive to Muslims!

The board of trustees will make a decision in February as to whether to drop the “Crusader” symbol. The college has ended an eight-week comment period, which is part of the plan to fully air the political correctness mission. It also held a couple of open meetings to receive input.

The question being posed is whether the image of a knight with sword and shield is offensive to Muslims in that it might inflame memories of the 11th-century war between the Christians and Muslims. It should be noted that the college currently is engaged in a $400 million fundraising effort. Are big donors Muslims? Come on!

Perhaps world history classes at Holy Cross should drop the teaching of the conflict because it might offend somebody!

Political correctness nonsense has enjoyed a warm welcome on college campuses for some time.