The New Year is expected to have considerable changes in education facilities in Franklin County.

The Washington School District will seek voter approval for a no-tax-hike bond issue to build a new elementary school to replace the old school at South Point.

The Union School District plans to build a new elementary school. Financing has been approved. The improvements being made at Beaufort Elementary School also will be in progress in 2019.

The St. Clair School District is working on a master plan to determine what improvements need to be made.

Also, on the 2019 agenda is a regional school plan for Catholic grade schools in this area. Town hall type of meetings will be held at the various parishes, beginning in January, to gain input for a plan or plans. The financial burden in several parishes that have elementary schools has reached the point that action has to be taken.

This will be a radical change for some parishes, and their members, some of which have had schools for many, many decades. The plan that is approved will have implications for many families.

For education, the New Year will be a time of change for families, students and teachers now in Catholic elementary schools.

What impact the Catholic school plan will have on public school systems is not known.

East Central College is considering some improvements.

In education, there always are some changes and adjustments that are made almost every year.