This is the time of year when requests for donations are the heaviest. Tax deductible donation requests come as reminders that this tax year is near.

Every mailing brings numerous requests for donations. They come from various segments of our society. Some even come as Christmas cards.

Religious organizations are among the many groups that seek donations. The mail is heavy with requests from religious organizations. All are worthy causes.

High schools and institutions of higher learning send many of the requests for donations. Most of the academic institutions seeking money are private schools. However, the state universities also are seeking donations. This type of donation is a year-round request.

Many of the military veterans organizations contact people for donations, many of which are national in scope. There are military monument organizations seeking funds along with museums. Some of the causes are new and some are old.

People are generous and recognize the need for donations. The Franklin County Area United Way fills the needs for many organizations that serve thousands of people.

Most people can’t give to every request for money because of the high number. Priorities have to be set according to an individual’s interest and experience with certain groups.

’Tis the season for giving!