We like the idea of transforming Burger Park into a disc golf course.

The Washington Park Board recently endorsed a proposal to build a disc golf course on the park located at Highway 100 and International Avenue.

The plan, which requires final approval from the city council, has the support of the Lions and Elks clubs, which have agreed to contribute $20,000 to the construction effort.

Disc golf’s popularity is on the rise. Supporters call it the fastest-growing sport in America. That assertion is borne out by the fact that disc golf courses are opening in communities across the country at a rate of about one new one every week.

Played much like traditional golf in terms of rules, scoring and etiquette, disc golf differs by throwing a specialized plastic disc off the tee and eventually putting it into a chain-catching metal basket.

Disc golf also departs from traditional golf in its affordability to play and the relative low cost to install a course, according to the folks who run the United States Disc Golf Championship.

For the uninitiated, the sport has a professional association, a pro tour and leagues around the world with a growing population of competitors.

But the overwhelming participants in the sport are novices who play it for recreation and the joy of tossing a frisbee around on a nice day.

We like the sport because it doesn’t require costly equipment, anyone can play, young or old, and it is one of the few games a family can play together.

It also would be a good use of Burger Park, a former landfill site, which is not well suited for many activities and is underutilized.

We hope the city council gives a favorable nod to disc golf. We believe it would be a good addition to our exemplary park system.