The city of St. Louis may be known for its crime and murder rates, but its professional sports teams give the city a positive spin. If a city ever needed a positive to negate some of the other not-so-good aspects of life, it is St. Louis.

First, the Blues won the top prize in professional hockey this year, and the Cardinals were contenders for the National League pennant and an opportunity to play in the World Series.

St. Louis is basking in the glory these two teams have brought to it. The publicity for the city is priceless. In hockey, St. Louis still is the center of attention in that professional sport for winning the Stanley Cup. The Cardinals’ record in baseball, and local fan support, has made the team legendary. Win or lose, the fans never waver in their love for the team. Most of the time the Cardinals win.

Professional sports add to the prestige of a city. The Cardinals and now the Blues have elevated the city to a level in professional sports that other cities envy.

With professional soccer coming to St. Louis soon, who needs professional football?

Yes, there is an Arch high in negatives about the city of St. Louis, which must be addressed. But its sports teams have etched the word PRIDE on top of the famous international symbol that is the Gateway to the West, which also has become the gateway to the home of professional sports greatness.