The USPS Office of Inspector General found that serious management problems potentially contributed to an estimated 2 billion pieces of delayed mail that was inaccurately reported as delivered on time.

Sen. Claire McCaskill said she has received pictures and stories from Missourians citing issues such as mail sitting in USPS offices that had already been marked as delivered.

Sen. McCaskill has called for the USPS to take immediate action on this scandal. She pointed to what delayed mail could mean: Missing a dose of medication or losing out on a contract because a small business couldn’t get shipments on time. We would add that delayed mail could result in not receiving checks on time for a small business to meet its payroll. 

“Falsely marking mail as delivered on time when it hasn’t is unacceptable and USPS needs to take action now to improve their customer service in Missouri and across the country,” Sen. McCaskill said. She attributed a lack of management training and oversight as a problem that needs to be addressed.

Many post offices have staffing needs that have not been addressed. In a letter to the postmaster general, Sen. McCaskill said she had reports from Missouri USPS managers that their staffing needs have been disregarded.

We know that the USPS is losing money every year. We also know that the postal service has many dedicated employees who do their best to serve customers, but work under conditions that cause a delay in mail, which is not their fault. 

However, to sign off mail as delivered on time and it isn’t is false reporting and whoever does that must be held accountable.