Another Democrat, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke of Texas, has declared his candidacy for president. Can anybody remember all the Democrats who have ambitions to be president and who have formally announced that they are running?

They will start dropping out after the first primary is held in 2020.

They all believe they can defeat President Donald Trump in 2020.

In the crowded field, there is no clear-cut favorite candidate. In polls, former Vice President Joe Biden is the favorite. He has yet to declare his candidacy, but he sure is acting like one. Biden, despite his age (77), does have appeal. He ran for president a couple of times with little success but he does have supporters.

Biden’s support results partly because he is a moderate compared to some of the radicals in his party. There are Democrats who fear that the party has turned too far to the left. Biden appeals to them. Biden’s experience in the federal government far surpasses any of the announced Democratic candidates.

Even with all of his miscues, President Trump still has many supporters. No question, he has lost some of his supporters but he will be no pushover unless he fumbles the presidential ball worse than he already has in his time left in the White House.

We can’t help but think of the total money that will be spent by the Democratic army of candidates. We also wonder how many of the Democratic presidential candidates will campaign in Missouri, now considered a solid Republican state.

By this time next year, the political scene will be more clear, but not crystal clear.

One thing is clear. The internet will be overloaded with emails from candidates begging for money. It’s already started!