Missouri had 4,213,092 voters registered for Tuesday’s midterm election, according to Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, chief election official in the state.

How many will vote?

Ashcroft’s prediction was 54.73 percent, based on information from local election officials.

The turnout prediction for Franklin County was higher than for the state. County Clerk Debbie Door, chief election official for the county, predicted voter turnout would be between 60 to 65 percent. Franklin County has more than 67,000 active voters. An active voter is one who has cast a ballot in the past recent years. The population of the county is about 103,000.

If the vote was 60 to 65 percent in the county, that’s a solid turnout for a midterm election. It wouldn’t be a record but it would be close.

Franklin County generally is considered a Republican county. There have been some exceptions to that in the past in which Democratic candidates did quite well.

Door has had a good record in predicting voter turnouts.