Congratulations again are merited to the Washington America in Bloom volunteers, who really have put the city on the national map with their efforts in this program.

Washington received the highest rating, five blooms, and won its population category, Circle of Champions, medium. The city also received a special award for most impressive pollinator garden and special recognition for landscaped areas.

Sally Bocklage is the Washington in Bloom co-chair. She explained that each year in the America in Bloom program there is a new score sheet, which poses a challenge to keep the five bloom rating. She added that competing in the Champions category makes awards more difficult to earn. Dave Wehmeyer also is a co-chair. Wehmeyer gave credit to all the local volunteers for Washington doing so well overall.

The America in Bloom volunteers receive cooperation from the city and parks department and much credit is due them also. Washington always has done well in the competition. To date, 250 communities from 41 states have taken part in the program and more than 22 million people have been touched by the competition.

The efforts by the volunteers are visible to all residents of Washington and to visitors. The program has given a special sparkle to the city.