A salute to the Washington School District is in order for being recognized by the Missouri School Boards’ Association for one of its 2018 Governance Team Awards.

Only 20 school districts in the state out of 518 public school districts have been selected for the 2018 recognition. The awards will be presented at the Lake of the Ozarks in June.

The award is based on ongoing professional development, leadership and active participation in legislative advocacy by school board members and the superintendent. The award stresses ongoing learning with the goal of improvement in their respective roles in the district.

There are a number of requirements to be eligible for the award. It recognizes a strong commitment to learning so they can improve their governance in their respective roles in the district.

Serving on school boards today or being the head administrator is no easy task. There are legislative mandates that must be complied with, personnel matters, financial considerations, discipline problems, security and dealing with the public. It’s a continuous learning experience and many hats have to be worn to be successful.

It is satisfying to know there are board members who are interested in learning more about their roles in education.