How many jobs are at risk because robots are expected to replace many workers? According to a study by a think tank, the respected Brookings Institution, about a quarter of the jobs in the United States “will be severely disrupted” as artificial intelligence accelerates automation.

The timeline for increasing robotic jobs could be a few years or two decades, the study said. It also said that about 36 million Americans hold jobs with “high exposure” to automation. Among the workers most affected are cooks, waiters and others in fast food jobs, short haul truck drivers, and clerical workers.

Many workplaces have had to change due to a shortage of workers and technical advances. Change will never stop except the worker shortage situation may improve.

We have yet to see a robot that has a human personality. In fact, they are boring, even the ones that talk. Many workers enjoy being with people they share a workplace with. Close friends are made in the workplace. Ideas for improving the workplace come from human workers. Robots can’t be promoted on the basis of merit. They don’t take vacations and don’t need health care benefits. They do break down and usually can’t be injured on the job.

We would take humans over robots anytime. But the robot invasion can’t be stopped.