Deaths of students in fraternity hazing incidents have been in the news recently. This type of  incident must be handled with the toughest policies possible by college authorities.

The latest death was at LSU. An 18-year-old freshman was at a fraternity party, was rushed to the hospital and died. An autopsy was performed and it found that he had a highly elevated alcohol level.  Additional tests are being taken and the college is investigating the death. Hazing is suspected.

College authorities have canceled all Greek activities until the investigation is completed. If it was hazing, the students involved should be prosecuted.

Fraternity initiations can be brutal and they are difficult to stop. Immature boys do dumb things and bow to peer pressure.

The only way to curb severe hazing is to have strict rules regarding it and hand down stern punishment to any student who violates the regulations. The guilty students should be expelled, and/or prosecuted if a crime occurs. It can be murder if a student is a victim of severe hazing. 

Severe punishment to the guilty parties is the only way to get the attention of immature college students.