More than one thought vein was activated with this Associate Press story “The Big Challenge After D-Day Tribute: Keep the Memory Alive.”

In a few years, most of the D-Day veterans will be gone, and most of them never talked much about it although they did answer questions when asked.

We have confidence that the military veterans’ organizations will do what they can to keep memories of great battles alive. D-Day was the largest battle in American and world history so it will never be forgotten.

Also the media will do its part to keep D-Day memories before the public. Between the veterans’ organizations and the media, those memories will be kept alive.

Time is the major challenge. Memories fade with time. Current generations must be reminded because to them D-Day is ancient history and interest can wane due to time.

Why is it important to keep battles such as D-Day in front of Americans? Because they are a reminder of the sacrifices made by others to ensure that they have the freedoms they enjoy. Current generations should be instilled with appreciation and pride of what past generations did for them. They must be reminded of the cost of the freedoms they enjoy.

The cost is so high that it often takes away the glory in winning a battle. There is no glory in war. Rather the sorrows war brings outweigh the glory.

We believe the veterans’ organizations and the media are up to the challenge to keep alive the memories of wars and battles fought to ensure that sacrifices made for current and future generations will be remembered.