The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety have issued a challenge to drivers this Friday. It’s Buckle Up, Phone Down Day.

Of course, that should be the practice every day by drivers. But by designating a certain day it serves as a reminder to operators of vehicles. The practice of using a cellphone while driving is widespread — we see it ever day while driving. You see it on city streets interstate highways and on rural roads. It undoubtedly is the “habit” that could be said to be the most serious distraction while operating a vehicle.

Officials point out that on average six out of 10 people  killed in the state in 2016 were unbuckled.

This special “day” is to get the attention of drivers. Common sense should tell us that to talk on the phone, and not being buckled while driving, poses danger to the person operating the vehicle and to others on the road.