A start date on the Bluff Road project is yet to be determined. The work is of high concern to more than a thousand people who work in the industrial parks served by the road.

A low bid of $1.2 million has been received by the city, but it must be approved by the Missouri Department of  Transportation (MoDOT) and the Federal Highway Commission because of the grants involved. It is not known when all the approvals will come.

Owners and management officials of industries along Bluff Road, Westlink Drive, West Main Street and in the Heidmann Industrial Park are worried about delays in receiving supplies vital to their operations and how their employees will reach their workplaces on time. We all know time is money. 

City officials have been planning how to handle traffic during the project but the scope of it is such that even the best-laid plans could have holes in them.

It also will impact other activities for which there is traffic on Bluff, Westlink Drive and West Main Street. The main event that will be impacted is the Washington Fair the first week of August. Also, it appears certain that the work will extend into the new school term that begins in August for most schools. A school bus facility, located off Bluff Road, uses Bluff Road, Westlink Drive and West Main Street. There already are traffic delays at certain hours on Bluff Road.

Communication with the industries, school bus company and others who use that road is important. They need to know almost daily during the construction work what the situation is. Also, it would be wise if the city and contractor would meet with all the industries before the start of construction to explain how the work is planned. Some of the companies have night shifts also and that’s another consideration. 

Maybe all the concerns have been addressed in the planning, but usually there are unexpected problems that occur in a large project such as this one. The unexpected happens!

There is another access to the industries from Highway 100 and Vossbrink Drive and that will help alleviate some of the traffic concerns.

It’s a necessary project and the city is trying to anticipate any problems that may occur.