President Barack Obama was in Senegal in Africa and said the government in that country should be like America in issues like gay rights. What right do we have to try to impose on other countries with totally different cultures advice to be like us, especially in a matter such as gay rights?

Other U.S. presidents have done the same thing — selling democracy — but not about issues such as gay rights. Obama said the Supreme Court ruling on gay rights is a victory for American democracy and he thinks other countries should follow our example. Obama said people should be treated equally and that’s “a principal that I think applies universally.” In other words, Senegal should decriminalize homosexuality.

Senegalese President Macky Sall said his country is “very tolerant” but not ready to decriminalize homosexuality.

Obama has U.S. officials combing through every federal statute to quickly determine the implications of the ruling by the court, which gave the nation’s “legally” married gay couples equal federal benefit footing with all other married Americans. The court has given federal recognition to marriage by gay couples as being as valid as marriage by a man and woman. Obama wants to make sure that gay couples who deserve benefits under the law get them quickly. Obama believes that gay couples “legally” married in one state should retain their benefits if they move to another state that doesn’t recognize gay marriage.

Questions: Should an American president be telling other countries to be like us on the gay marriage issue? Is that part of our foreign policy?

There are many Americans who do not agree with the court ruling or with Obama on this issue. They are disgusted!