The late Jim Miller, Jr., photo editor of this newspaper for many years, was inducted into the Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame Thursday evening. The award was in recognition of his work at The Missourian for more than 20 years. If you count his work at this newspaper while he was in high school and college, his time here would be more like 30 some years. He started his career in photography at an early age.

Jim Miller, Jr., follows his father as an inductee in the Hall of Fame, which was established here in 2005. Jim Miller, Sr., was inducted in the second class in 2006. Senior taught junior the fundamentals of photography while junior was in the eighth grade and in high school. It was during World War II when the men were off to war and businesses hired many teenagers and women to do work that had been done mostly by men.

Jim Miller, Jr., also learned darkroom work and photo engraving. He passed these skills on to others who assisted him. Our current photo editor, Jeanne Miller Wood, also was one of his students before he died in 1987.

The induction of Miller into the Hall of Fame also is an honor for The Missourian and we are grateful to the selection committee. Mayor Sandy Lucy, who learned photography while working at The Missourian part time while she was in high school and college, nominated him for the Hall of Fame. No one from this newspaper was on the selection committee.