As we approach Christmas Day, I could not help but notice this year has taken on a brighter light, if you will. I watched a newscaster do an editorial about how he was tired of people walking around saying Happy Holidays, when everyone clearly knows that these holidays encompass Hanukkah and Christmas. Then just recently I heard where in Texas Christians are standing together to have the law changed after students were prevented from handing out candy cane pens and telling of the candy’s Christian origin, to allow people to say Merry Christmas.

REALLY! Is this what we’ve become? People who are too afraid to tell the truth about a holiday for what it was really meant to be. It is called Christmas to recognize and celebrate the birth of Jesus. So why do we try to fool ourselves into believing that Happy Holidays covers it? I do not remember ever going to someone’s birthday party and saying Happy Holidays. After all, there are many others who share that day. As ridiculous as that sounds isn’t that what we’re doing when we say Happy Holidays?

So, as the day draws near and we get excited about seeing our families and friends, take time to remember it’s OK, so go ahead and say it — Merry Christmas. When you’re opening your gifts this year, take the time to remember, of all the gifts you receive, the Christ in Christmas gives you the greatest gift of all, Himself.

Merry Christmas. May God bless you and keep you.