There are citizens who believe a dog park is a waste of money. We are not among them. If a site can be found and developed, that is, adding a few amenities, there would be volunteers to assist the city and park commission in this important endeavor. Money undoubtedly could be raised for a dog park to help with the cost.

The park board is interested in a dog park, and there is a group of dog owners who have requested one. They have made strong arguments for such a park.

Many people may not be aware of the fact that it is important that dogs “socialize” with other dogs. They are less likely to be fiesty if they mix with other dogs. Also, a park can be used for more than just exercising a dog. A dog park is a good place for training dogs. There would be less “dog traffic” on sidewalks with less droppings on sidewalks and streets — and less in yards when people exercise their dogs.

We all know the companionship a dog can bring to a person. They also have proven to be great for protection. This past weekend there was one of the most heartwarming stories ever about two family dogs that protected a six-year-old boy who was lost in a wooded area. Four hours after the boy was reported missing, and a search began at Seneca, Mo., he was found in a ditch with the dogs lying on top of him to keep him warm. Temperatures were in the low 20s. The boy was in good shape.

People love their dogs and for good reasons. A dog is about as human as an animal can get. They become members of a family and are especially good with children.

It appears the commitment is there to develop a dog park. It would be a  great asset to the city. People now go to Union or New Melle to visit dog parks. The time has come for Washington to have a dog park.