It’s controversial and so is the man honored. Amid secrecy and security, a bust of Rush Limbaugh was unveiled in the Hall of Famous Missourians in the state Capitol Monday. Republican House Speaker Steven Tilley kind of “snuck” the Limbaugh bust into the Hall to rest aside such famous Missourians as Harry Truman, Mark Twain and Walt Disney.

When Tilley announced a couple of months ago that he had selected conservative radio talk show host Limbaugh to be inducted into the Hall, there was an outburst of protest, especially from liberal Democrats, who can’t stomach the 61-year-old commentator from Cape Girardeau. Limbaugh also isn’t a favorite of many women because of his caustic remarks. The timing of the ceremony was kept from the press until the last minute. Only Republican lawmakers, other invited guests and the media were allowed into the Hall for the ceremony. The public was barred from entry to avoid protests.

Limbaugh is famous but so were other Missourians who gained notoriety, such as Jesse James, but they were persona non grata when it came to the Hall.

Tilley didn’t back off even when 600 rolls of toilet paper were rolled into his office from protesters who wanted to flush Rush.

Probably most Missourians aren’t going to lose any sleep over this issue. In fact, most people probably aren’t aware there is a Hall of Famous Missourians.