It’s quite common, the nuisance of motorists having to drive around tree limbs and other yard waste that drops off trucks and trailers headed for the Washington Recycling Center on Westlink Drive. It’s almost a year-round problem.

It can be a safety problem if the limbs are large enough to cause damage to a vehicle, or cause a wreck when a motorist tries to drive around the dropped waste.

It amounts to littering on city streets and that’s against the law. City workers or citizens should not have to clean up this litter. We understand that a truck driver or a vehicle with a trailer from which the litter comes may be unaware that something has dropped off. But they should be aware that they need to do a better job of tying down their loads, or they need to make two trips rather than one.

This is not among the city’s major problems, but it’s a nuisance that should be curbed.