It’s probably safe to say that humans like to race in their own bodies, by their legs and feet, and in anything that moves by some type of power. Whoever thought people would ever race in their riding lawn mowers?

It’s happening in southeast Missouri and undoubtedly in other places. It’s a competition sport and in Patton, Mo., the Lions Club sponsors the races at the town’s Saddle Club.

The races involve souped-up riding lawn mowers sanctioned by the Southeast Missouri Lawn Mowers Racing Association. The engines have 12.5 horsepower engines on up in power. The Associated Press talked to one driver who has a 16 horsepower motor. He said he had $900 invested in his souped-up lawn mower. At an exhibition given by the L and M Racing Team from Clay County, Ark., a driver reported that his lawn mower has between 85 and 90 horsepower. He claimed it can reach 80 to 90 miles an hour.

Down in Patton, Mo., they say it’s a good thing to do on Saturday nights — all members of a family enjoy the racing.

We don’t know if this kind of racing will ever become popular in this area, but an exhibition event here might help the sport gain a foothold. The Fairgrounds racing arena is available most Friday and Saturday nights. All that is needed is a club to sponsor an event of this sort.

We might even be the home of a future champion riding lawn mower race driver. We’ve observed some riding lawn mower drivers who move pretty fast and handle turns very well.