If Hillary Clinton seeks the Democratic nomination for president, and it’s a sure bet she will, and if she is elected, a couple of Missourians are going to be even in better shape politically than they already are.

The two are Sen. Claire McCaskill amd Gov. Jay Nixon. Why?

Sen. McCaskill was the first among Senate Democrats to endorse Hillary. Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon, who can’t seek re-election, was asked at the recent Governors Conference about his presidential ambitions. He said he would like to see Hillary in the race for the nomination — if there is a race. That was an “almost” endorsement of Hillary.

If Hillary is the nominee, might Gov. Nixon be a possible vice president nominee? If Sen. McCaskill has had her fill of the Senate, might she be a potential Hillary cabinet member?

Of course, the two Missourians aren’t the only politicians that Hillary likes. There are others, many of whom went all out for her when she lost the nomination to Barack Obama.

There’s the old saying that politics makes for strange bedfellows so who knows what will happen.

One of the spinoffs from politics is that it makes for all kinds of enjoyable speculation, especially by journalists.