To The Editor:

Recently, Eric Cantor was effectively voted out of office as the Republican House Majority Leader in the U.S. Congress. (Yeah, I know he is the leader of my chosen party.) What a surprise it was. Folks, it’s not about party affiliation. It is about the right to vote.

Yep! The people have spoken. The key word is people. The people went to the polls and spoke their hearts and minds. So refreshing!

Yes sir . . . it shocked people. It isn’t about the Tea Party . . . it isn’t about immigration reform . . . all the political polls and election analysis were wrong. A “figurehead” in our do-nothing Congress was tumbled out of his prestigious office. If the truth be known, Cantor’s defeat will probably even more hobble our governmental system. In my mind Cantor’s defeat should send a message to our fat cat bureaucrats in Washington it’s time to get off their “you know whats” and stop the gridlock train. The American people want to be represented. Also for you pollsters and analytical types, conventional thinking ain’t gonna cut it anymore!

It is my opinion Cantor became caught up in the trappings of being a congressman and became more interested in building a name for himself rather than representing the folks who put him there. He abandoned his constituents.

Once again folks, it isn’t about political parties. Our country needs at least two parties to wrestle with the issues but whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Tea Partier, a Libertarian, etc., your chosen representatives have to do what their people tell them to do.

Unless we, as Americans, go to the polls and vote to speak our opinions our do-nothing Congress will only get worse. It’s too bad that for all the money that is spent on fundraising and campaigning the Republican Party couldn’t figure it out.

I know there are Democrats gloating over this political debacle of Eric Cantor being voted out of office. I say go ahead and gloat but they need to be looking over their shoulders. I believe the American people are going to send some more messages to Congress.

I will close with this thought. The year was 1948. Was it Dewey or Truman who won the election? I believe the rumor and polls said Dewey was going to win.

You as an American citizen must go vote when it is time. If you don’t vote consider yourself a noncitizen. When you vote . . . vote for the person you think will do the best job and who will represent you. Leave the donkey and elephant stickers at home!