It seems like every day there are new revelations in the ongoing IRS scandal. The agency has been reeling from congressional investigations and punches from journalists who have ample material to report.

This is one mess that they can’t blame on George W. Bush!

It has been learned that there definitely was a link to the IRS headquarters in Washington. It just wasn’t a targeting operation in the Cincinnati office. The targets, of course, were the tea party and other conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status. These were anti-Obama groups. There’s much finger-pointing as to officials who were involved.

The investigations have revealed the link to higher IRS officials. However, so far no direct link has been proven to have been with the White House. It’s possible someone in the White House knew about it, but never informed the president, who has condemned the targeting of any group by the IRS. The problem is we have a “bystander” president who doesn’t like to be bothered with too many details of the day to day operations of the federal government.

Also revealed has been lavish spending by the IRS on its conferences and questionable training films. It makes private enterprise spending for these purposes cheap and some might call it boring.

It is unfortunate that the agency is sporting two black eyes because of the scandal. We don’t doubt for a Washington, D.C., second that the IRS has very fine agents and other employees who are dedicated to their tasks and in fulfilling their mission in a fair and honest manner.

Politics should never be permitted in the IRS, but as a government agency it can’t escape the political environment. For the IRS to target certain organizations is to cross a public trust line, which leads to a lack of confidence in the agency and perhaps even criminal actions.