Cases of domestic violence aren’t something new in Franklin County, but the number is alarming. There is an effort to bring awareness to the public of this problem, which is one of the most devastating to families and to society as a whole. The Franklin County Commission proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In 2012, the prosecuting attorney’s office in Franklin County received nearly 500 warrant applications resulting from domestic crimes, and 343 of these cases were filed for prosecution.

There are agencies that assist law enforcement in handling these cases, particularly providing shelter and care. ALIVE (Alternative to Living in Violent Environments), for instance, has answered 4,832 crisis calls and provided crisis intervention to 189 adults and 61 children. The agency has provided 130 bed nights for emergency shelter for 31 adults and children. Agency personnel accompanied clients to court, provided counseling and services to many children.

Many of the cases involve children. It is especially troubling to children when domestic adult violence occurs. Healing can be difficult.

Domestic violence consists of the following: physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and economic abuse.

Domestic violence is tragic and is one of the causes of broken families. Our society suffers from broken families and the repercussions are many.

We are fortunate we have agencies, supported by the United Way, that intervene and bring a degree of comfort to the abused. Safety also is provided, which is very important in many of the cases.