Mitt Romney’s articulation skills are lacking at times when he tries to comment on issues and events such as the Olympics in England. What he said was minor criticism of conditions at the Olympics, which are not unusual, with problems having occurred in past events.

Romney can be blunt at times, use the wrong words, and he should think more before he speaks.

However, what he said has sparked a rally by the Brits who are trying to shore up the loose ends in staging the Olympics. In fact, it was reported by the Associated Press that his criticism has given the Britons something else to talk about, that is, to stop complaining about the heavy traffic, cost overruns and the shoddy security. Instead, the Brits are taking pride in their country’s long-awaited day in the sun due to the international coverage of the competition. They are making efforts for improvements.

Romney couldn’t be elected dogcatcher in England at this time. The Sun had a headline that said “Mitt the Twit.” The Daily Mail had a question: “Who invited party-pooper Romney?” The Times called him a “Nowhere Man” since when Romney was involved in the Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, it was “in the middle of nowhere.”

Maybe our would-be president and elected president should stay home. President Barack Obama, in overseas trips in trying to make friends, apologized for America for doing whatever. It didn’t work in his trying-to-make friends words. He did anger Americans.

All presidents have made blunders in their comments. Romney-the-candidate actually was telling the truth about problems at the Olympics, but he didn’t articulate his comments in a diplomatic manner. He needs coaching.