All those people rushing to gun shops and shows to buy assault rifles and other weapons should shake off their jitters that the Obama administration is going to ban certain firearms, multi-round magazines, and require tougher checks for buyers, etc. They are wasting their time and money. President Obama and his front man, Vice President Joe Biden, may be talking tough on gun control measures, but without support from Congress, nothing is going to happen. There’s not enough support in Congress for meaningful controls.

We must remember that more than half the members of Congress have an A rating from the National Rifle Association, that powerful lobby that contributes handsomely to political campaigns. Members of Congress agree on one thing: gun rights. Republicans and Democrats came together on that issue a long time ago.

The president and vice president know the majority of members of Congress is not backing their attempt for some controls. Then why go through the controls review process headed by Biden? They know the recommendations that will be announced Tuesday aren’t going to win favor with Congress. But because of the Sandy Hook School massacre, they have to do something to show citizens that they are concerned.

Americans like the gun culture environment. For those citizens who would like stricter controls, forget about it. It’s not going to happen. The gun culture is too embedded in the lives of too many Americans.