The scoreboard is clear on coaching on the main fields: You win and you stay. If you lose, it’s goodbye, and rather quickly. Those who get the boot, however, can be comfortable for life.

Coach Gary Pinkel of the Mizzou Tigers only won two games in the Southeastern Conference and finished overall 5-7 the past season. Speculation began immediately about his status. He very quickly said he’s staying put. However, even though he has several years left on his contract, if his Tigers don’t do better in 2013, the pressure is going to be much greater on him and he may be a target for a buyout. Coaches in the SEC aren’t given many seasons to produce.

Four universities in the SEC fired their coaches this year after dismal seasons: Tennessee, Arkansas, Auburn and Kentucky. Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee are paying a combined $15 million in buyouts just to get rid of their coaches. Even though the big contracts come with big demands, getting fired is lucrative!  A fired coach can depart as a wealthy  man even if his pride is dented.

In the overall money scheme of things, this is ridiculous, or is it just the norm of today? We worship our college football teams and at times we bow also to the coaches if they win.

Going in, the coaches in the SEC know it’s all about winning and money. Going out, they know the checks will keep coming. Moneywise, they’ve been a success even if they lose.

It’s a crazy world of sports we have today. Blame the fans. They buy the tickets and donate for the grand facilities the athletes and universities have. The teams generate big dollars for the universities and colleges. The operations match Big Business.