The Franklin County Area United Way has been through this before — a final push for funds needed to meet the goal. With 80 percent of the $1 million goal contributed and pledged, a final appeal has been made in an effort to reach the target.

The organization has the highest goal in its history and has a history of reaching its goals and in surpassing them. United Way leaders knew at the start that to reach the goal it was going to take an all-out effort. The need is so great and that is why the $1 million target was set for this year. Economic conditions still are unsettling. That has resulted in the greater need this year.

United Way leaders have asked that people, companies and groups that already have contributed to dig into their pockets for added gifts. Of course, the organization would like contributions from the nongivers also.

The United Way touches just about everybody in the county in one way or another. Some people may not realize that the benefits they are receiving are because of the United Way. There’s been ample publicity about member agencies that benefit from this fund campaign, but we have in our midst people who don’t pay much attention to what is going on around them. It is impossible to reach these people.

The $1 million goal was justified based on the giving in recent past years. United Way leaders recognized the challenge and staged a well-organized drive. With more than $800,000 raised, the goal is reachable if we all reach a bit deeper into our resources. The people who have not given may drop of gifts at the United Way office at 301 W. Front St., Washington. The building where the United Way is located is in the west side of the railroad passenger depot. People also can mail their gifts to P.O. Box 3, Washington, MO 63090.

All of us have taken pride in the United Way campaigns and in the amount of money raised. We would hate to see that pride tarnished. We say that with full understanding of conditions today. It is because of the economic conditions today that more money is needed to help our unfortunate neighbors.