This year’s Franklin County Area United Way goal has been announced. It’s $1 million and $60. That $60 represents the 60th anniversary that there has been a united way of giving locally, beginning in Washington and later moving to include the entire county.

Last year the goal was $1 million and it was reached with a late effort.

It’s going to take another strong effort to reach the goal, but the organization has experienced leadership and determined workers. The basic organizational structure is in place and leaders are optimistic the goal can be reached. David Strubberg of Ameren is president of the organization and co-chair of the drive. Ameren has been a consistent supporter of the United Way and Strubberg is an experienced worker in campaigns. He pointed out that the mission of the United Way is unchanged since its beginning in 1953 as the Washington Community Chest. The other co-chair is Stephen Trentmann, whose family has a long record of United Way involvement.

The organization’s primary objective is to help people in need, and to support a number of groups that provide services for people in their efforts to maintain a high quality of life in the county.

The United Way is one of the most important attributes Franklin County has. It is a tremendous asset that we all must help to maintain. We do that by supporting the organization’s annual appeal for funds. The needs are great and the member agencies provide services that are vital to the well being of people and organizations that serve the citizens of Franklin County. It would be a big boost if individuals would contribute $60 (or more) this year in recognition of the anniversary of the united way of giving.