It came as no surprise that Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a bill sponsored by Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, prohibiting enforcement in Missouri of any foreign law deemed “repugnant” to the state or federal Constitution.

Nixon had earlier called the bill — which many have labeled the anti-Sharia law — among the “unnecessary” bills passed this past session.

Liberal critics called the bill (SB267) an embarrassment and Republican supporters hailed the bill for protecting civil liberties and preventing the creeping in of foreign laws that violate the Constitution.

Nixon said the bill seeks to solve a problem that does not exist and would threaten international business and foreign adoptions. He called the bill a form of “demagoguery that does a disservice to constituents and the legislative process.”

Nieves countered that Nixon was bamboozled by the ACLU in deciding to veto the bill.

The veto led to accusations by both the governor and the senator that neither had actually read the bill.

To us the bill is an example of misplaced legislative priorities and a colossal waste of time.

Call us naive, but we are not losing any sleep over the creeping of Sharia law in Missouri. We have faith that our courts and judges will uphold the Missouri and U.S. Constitution just like they have in the past.

We also understand that politicians will always seek to score political points by demonizing anything foreign or international. It’s good for fund-raising.

We just wish they would spend more time working on bills that created jobs.