It is fitting that the memory of the late Carl Cochran will live on at the Washington Regional Airport in the form of dedicating the ready room in the administration building to him as a training center. Tributes were given to the aviation master pilot who managed the airport for about 15 years during ceremonies at the airport Saturday afternoon.

Carl was the type of man who because of his wide experiences as an aviator could tell one story after another. People who knew him could relate many stories about Carl. He left a lasting impression. He in many ways was a man of another era when aviation grew up.

Carl could be called a pioneer in aviation although he arrived in the skies a bit later than some pilots. He enjoyed the thrills of piloting early biplanes, beginning his career in open cockpit aircrafts. Teaching people to fly was one of the main satisfactions in his life.

Carl was a kind, gentle man when it came to others and maybe it was because of the big sky where he lived much of his life that enabled him to see the big picture of life, such as his generosity to East Central College and to others, who cherish memories of the master pilot. His shadow at the airport is still there — as long as the runway.