Christmas is seen as a time of giving. We see it everywhere from what is now referred to as “Black Friday” through the last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve.

Everyone is trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone, and this year can be a stressful time with how the economy and unemployment is impacting our society.

As we struggle with how to make the season work within our financial budgets, one thing we should take refuge in is that the greatest gift that one can give does not cost anything. That gift is the one of love. So many times when we think back on our memories of Christmas we often do not remember so much about the gift, as much as we remember the memories that go along with the gift.

If we are worried about the right gift or if we made Christmas enough for others, we should remember that we can add the gift of love which will make any gift better.

While we are sharing our Christmas with others, take time to rejoice in the fact that on Christmas Day God shared with us His greatest gift of love, too, and it is one that we all can have and cherish forever.

Merry Christmas.